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Arlington, TX


Teenage Substance Abuse in Arlington, TX

A teen’s substance abuse problem can have devastating effects on an entire family. If your son or daughter is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, turn to Troy L. Callaway, MS, LMFT in Arlington, TX for help. We offer a comprehensive teen substance abuse treatment program designed to help your child break free from his or her destructive cycle.

Helping Teens Overcome Addiction

At Troy L. Callaway, MS, LMFT, we provide caring, professional teen substance abuse treatment services to adolescents battling addiction. We have a single goal: our clients’ complete and lasting recovery. Using a range of techniques and therapies, we work to help teens understand the negative consequences of drug and alcohol use and aim to help them break free from the powerful grip of addiction.

We understand that the decision to seek treatment for an adolescent’s drug or alcohol abuse can be difficult. But we also know that with the right tools and support, your teen may achieve lasting recovery from addiction and move forward toward a brighter future. So if your son or daughter is struggling with a substance abuse problem, don’t wait. Contact us today.


Troy L Callaway MS, LMFT

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